Track & Field




Yorktown High School’s Track and Field is the number one sport in participation. 5-15% of students from the school participate in Track and Field. Freshman Carter Day said, “My favorite part of Track and Field are the meets. They are really fun because you can put what you have been working on during practice into an actual competition.” 

Track and Field is a very difficult sport that requires a lot of dedication and hard work. Athletes can do many different events in Track and Field. Freshman Tyler Whitehead said he does shot put, discus, and the 4×100 relay. One person can be involved in so many different events. While it is a lot of work to be on the team Track and Field is a highly recommended sport. Day said, “ It is a great community and you get to improve your physical well-being.” 

Being a part of Track and Field is like being in one big family. Everyone contributes to it in some way. Track and Field is a big individual sport but it takes everyone to win. So while not everyone will run or do a field event at every meet they all still try to show up and cheer one another on. After every race people will congratulate each other for finishing or hitting a new personal record. Feedback from other runners is also a big part of the team as it helps others grow and learn to get better for their next race or field event. Gannon Crosser Said, “Track is an extremely close team that works hard together.”