Tiger Café


Gannon Crosser, Carter Fauquher and Ethan Miller working the Tiger Café

DECA is a great organization here at Yorktown High School run by Mr. Davis and an amazing group of students that everyone in the building appreciates. Without them and their hard work, we wouldn’t have our beloved Tiger Cafe! Lexi Mosier, a Tiger Cafe worker, says, “Everyone here is grateful for the opportunity to work at the Tiger Cafe!” All sorts of wonderful treats are sold at the Tiger Cafe during lunches and occasionally before school starts. Some of these delicacies include a variety of cookies, lemonades, slushies, coffees, and so much more. Students have the option to add extra flavorings to their lemonades and their coffees such as peach, strawberry, or vanilla. The Tiger Cafe also has a variety of slushie flavors which are, as stated by Mr. Davis, “blue raspberry, lemonade, strawberry lemonade, grape, green watermelon, tropical blend, very berry, and peach mango.” 


 DECA had an amazing opportunity in the 2021-2022 school year to start selling their fantastic slushies at home football games. Unfortunately, you won’t find other Tiger Cafe delights in respect of the concession stand. But there’s no need to worry! The Tiger Cafe will be selling everyone’s favorite slushie flavors – blue raspberry, cherry, and sometimes apple cider! Get it while it’s still here though, apple cider is a seasonal flavor specific to the fall. The Tiger Cafe has worked very hard and taken extra steps in preparation to make sure everyone in attendance at home football games can get a slushie. Mr. Davis and Tiger Cafe workers prepare in advance for the big games, freezing lots of slushes to make sure every attendee gets a chance for a Tiger Slushie. Make sure to stop by and grab a slushie at the next home game to help support the Tigers!