Art Club









The art club members were excited to do face paintings and designs for the football games. Zeke Davis described the designs they thought would be most popular. Davis said,“The most popular face painting we do is a tiger face or a paw because it represents the school mascot and theme.”Davis also said, “We will let them get any design they request as long as it’s appropriate and supportive.”During the game on Friday, September 2, popular items were paw prints and footballs.The tiny tiger cheer clinic was also very helpful in the increase of popularity of the face paintings. There were lots of customers at the football game. 


Even though the art club posted a handful of designs and limited color choices for their customers, the face painting booth was popular. The art club members made over $100 on Septemebr 2nd. The different designs were great. The art club members are limited on colors but they will have our school colors. “Although we are limited on colors, we will have our school colors and sometimes the rival school colors,” said Davis.


Elizabeth Martin, who volunteered at the first home game, said, “My goal is to make the kids happy and show support to the Yorktown Tigers team.” Martin spent the evening taking the money and making the change for the art club face painters. Martin also stated that “I’ve always been into the creativity of art club and the face paint is really interesting.”